I should have known that I would end up self publishing my first novel After all, I’ve always been terrible at doing things the way I’m expected to, especially if it involves working with other people. I’ve often made my life more difficult than it had to be just because I’m so stubborn and can’t stand it when someone tells me what I “should” do.


I hate the word “should” more than any other word. It’s a brief, one syllable way of saying “this is something you do not want to do at all but everyone else expects you to do it therefore your own happiness and sense of self worth must be disregarded in favour societal pressure.”


Of course, if someone says “You should probably get that checked by a doctor,” I wouldn’t be offended. That’s not the kind of “should” I mean. I’m talking about all the other shoulds.


“You want to be a writer? Well you should do journalism at university then.”


“You should write about this or that.”


“The story should be set in your local area.” (The only way to ever win a government sponsored literary competition/award).


“Profanity should be kept to a minimum.” (Fuck that).


“You should read that book by so and so.” (No thanks, bad writing is contagious).


“You should base a character on me!” (This person has narcissistic personality disorder. Run!)


I’m really enjoying being in total control of everything now. I even have the chance to reconsider some of the things I had previously taken out, on advice from my publisher. I think they were wrong some of the time.


Right now I’m doing one last major content edit with my boyfriend. Don’t worry, he’s a writer too and he’s quite happy to tell me when he thinks I’ve written something crap. After that, I just need to do the formatting, final proofreading, finalize the cover and flounder my way through some HTML coding and then I think it will be ready! At this stage I’m thinking maybe April for a release. I’m getting quite excited!


And now, just for fun, I will leave you with the song that I imagine would play over the opening credit sequence of HTDC – The Movie. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself…




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