Video Games

I love it when a video game comes with character creation mode. I’ve spent countless hours making video game versions of my characters, and then making them beat each other up.

Soul Calibur V has just been released, so of course I’ve been going nuts with the character creation. Unfortunately I have to actually play the games to unlock all the outfits and accessories, and I’m not very good at fighting games, so I’ve had to make do with what was unlocked from the start.

Please excuse the terrible quality, I just took photos of the tv screen.


Here is Lycia, looking naturally badass.




Here is Meg, looking sweet and demure, making the most of her elaborate jiggle physics.




Here is Aster, looking far more muscular than he actually is, sporting his favourite hat.




And finally, here is a video of Aster and Lycia beating the shit out of each other, just as they have so often secretly dreamed of doing.

Anyways, back to editing!


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