Follow the white rabbit

I sent the latest iteration of my manuscript to a friend of mine. I needed a fresh set of eyes to see if everything was still making sense. And seeing as I spent my teen years obsessing over The Matrix with this girl, I knew she would be the best equipped to understand what I was trying to achieve with this story.

And something quite exciting happened: she interpreted the ending of my novel in a way I had not intended, or even thought of.  And it’s a completely valid interpretation, now that I think about it.

You might think this would be problematic, but I’m actually thrilled to bits!  It almost makes me reconsider writing a sequel, lest I invalidate any reader theories. I hope that everyone who reads HTDC will interpret it differently. It is so awesome to think that one day people could be discussing and debating all the little details of it.  What if people write essays about it? What  if there are  epic arguments on internet forums that end in one person accusing someone else of being Hitler and then the forum moderators will have to ban them and…

Ok, I’m getting carried away.

But anyway, I’m happy that my friend found no major issues in the manuscript,  and my editor has finished his final run-through. It’s all up to me now on this home stretch. It won’t be long now before I’ll be ready to publish.


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