The World Inside Your Head

We all have a world inside our head. It’s that secret place that we escape to when reality becomes too much to bear.  Imagine if that little world took on a physical  form. Imagine you could actually live inside your mind.

I think my world would be full of pretty things, but also very dark things.  I imagine it would look an awful lot like an American McGee Alice game.

But it wouldn’t be an unpleasant or dangerous place.  I’d be happy there.  There would be hardly any other people; only the ones I really like. I would spend long stretches of time all alone, listening to gorgeous melancholy music, drinking lavender tea and eating violet creams. I would sit around in fabulous lolita dresses and write in elegant notebooks while surrounded by hundreds of birds.

The idea of dream worlds becoming reality is a major theme in How to Disappear Completely. So I would be very interested  to hear about other people’s worlds.

If you could live in your very own little dream world, what would it be like? Would it be your paradise? Would you rule over it like a king or queen? Or do you think your own personal demons would turn your fantasy into a nightmare?

Please, share your thoughts.


2 responses to “The World Inside Your Head

  • Ileandra Young

    My own head confuses me so much at times that I don’t think it would be static. It would change constantly, because that’s what my mood does. It could flicker from a golden sandy beach, to a quiet room filled floor to ceiling with books. Then it might end up being a coffee shop, or my old bedroom at my mum’s house.

    Because of that I think it could, potentially be a scary place too; on bad days it could be a dark, stinking alley filled with shadows that I can’t quite identify, but I know are out to get me.


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