On May 20, 2012, there is going to be an annular solar eclipse across Japan and a large portion of the US.

Even though my novel has nothing to do with eclipses, it seems appropriate to release it in the midst of a vaguely apocalyptic phenomenon.

So HTDC has a release date! May 20!

We’re almost there…


In the meantime, I shall leave you with a quote from Gormenghast, by Mervyn Peake. Peake was an absolute genius and his Gormenghast trilogy is a masterpiece. Here, he aptly sums up precisely what I tried to say in an entire novel, yet he does it in only a handful of words, and does it with more beauty than anyone else could ever hope to.


“There are times when the emotions are so clamorous and the rational working of the mind so perfunctory that there is no telling where the actual leaves off and the images of fantasy begin.” – Mervyn Peake.



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