5 Things

I’m writing this on my phone while lying in bed and feeling awful because I’m trying to reduce my medication dosage. But I saw Joe Hill talking about 5 things he would like to try as a writer so I decided to think of 5 things I would also like to try. I assume I’m forming coherent sentences right now but if I’m not I apologize.

1. Write a collection of short stories: I feel as though short stories are one of my weak points, and I’m not usually a big fan of reading them either, but I really loved Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber and I would like to create my own collection of twisted fairy tales.

2. Write a comic: it’s a medium I would like to learn more about, and read more of. I would need to collaborate with artists though because my drawing skills have not progressed since I was 12.

3. Write a book about birds: I love birds so much and it seems kind of odd that I’ve never thought to actually write about them. Rather than portray them as majestic and magical I would like to portray them as the weird feathery dinosaur jerks they really are. I adore birds, but I’m aware that they are jerks.

4. Fill an entire notebook with writing: I’m terrible with notebooks. I love to buy them but I never use them, or I use a few pages but then feel I’ve somehow tainted the notebook and I need to buy a new one. I need to stop viewing notebooks as mystical objects and just use the damn things properly.

5. Write a video game: My first novel was inspired more by video games than by other novels, so it would be cool to create the narrative for a video game. Not all games are mindless shoot-em-ups, some of them have really great stories. A few that come to mind include Ico, Braid, Shadow of the Colossus, Anerican Mcgee’s Alice, Bayonetta… (Ha! Just kidding. Bayonetta made absolutely no fucking sense).

Okay, now you go ahead and think of 5 things you would like to try. I’ll be right here, feeling like a spaced out sloth.


7 responses to “5 Things

  • Joe Pineda

    Trying to reach out to other mediums through your writing is definitely an aspiration I can relate to. Being a gamer for the better part of my life, I’d love to write the scenario or script for one someday. I’ll work hard for that day to come.

    As for the collection of short stories, that reminds me of a piece of advice the late Ray Bradbury shared in 2001. In so many words, he said if you’re a writer you should try to write a short story a week for a whole year. In the end, you will practice your craft a lot. It will be nearly impossible to do 52 bad stories. At one point you will break that streak and improve.

  • missalister

    Now see if it were me, making such a list would feel like the weight of the world, and since history repeats itself I’d end up a deer in the headlights. Best for the likes of me to stick with Bradbury’s single-minded advice that Joe P. was so very kind to jot down here. But if you’re one of those multi-tasking wizards, I say to thee: Go forth and kick tail!

  • Ileandra Young

    That’s a pretty cool list. In fact some if those things would feature on my list if I ever made one.
    I hope they are things you manage to do one day. 🙂

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