Free Weekend!

How To Disappear Completely is FREE all weekend long!

Now is the perfect opportunity to give this little tale of teenage angst falling down the rabbit hole a try.

Get it now!



3 responses to “Free Weekend!

  • missalister

    Girl, what is your logic???

    • Annika Howells

      My logic? My book is enrolled with Amazon KDP select, which means I sell the book exclusively with Amazon for a period of time in exchange for a few extra perks. One perk is the ability to promote my book for free for 5 days of my choosing. I don’t make money off the free sales, but it is a good way to increase exposure, which will hopefully result in more sales after the promotion ends.

      • missalister

        Oh I’m just one of those grouches disgusted with the state of the publishing industry. At the end of the day, if a book’s good it’ll sell. And if Amazon can help by plugging authors’ works outrageously during the freebie days, that’s a glorious thing : )

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