Alectura Lathami

I am born into darkness. Heavy walls of decay press in on me from all sides. The air is thick with the hot stench of decomposition. It warms my body, but hinders my breathing. I must find a way out.

Instinctively, I struggle upwards, burrowing inch by inch through my rotting tomb. But I am not alone. The walls are crawling with tiny creatures. They scuttle over my body and wriggle between my toes. Driven by insatiable hunger, I feel for the insects in the dark and swallow them whole. Slowly, I grow stronger.

With each passing hour, I am closer to the surface. My muscles are taut and toned from my constant fight. All my senses are finely tuned. I have battled to live from the very moment I was born, when I tore through my containment with teeth on the outside of my mouth.

And now, a single shard of light pierces the gloom. I surge onwards, kicking aside the darkness that has tried to hold me back. The blanket of rotting leaves falls away. The light envelops me, and I am free.

My life has just begun.


7 responses to “Alectura Lathami

  • iamjimmydean

    This could be the start to a rather intriguing zombie story ;0
    check out some of my flash fiction, i think, based on your style above, you would appreciate it.
    I love the word count limitation. i think its great practice!

  • missalister

    Whoa Miss Annika! this is h-o-t, pure juice as lava from the likes of Mount Etna or higher! Between this and Thoughts On Gore, I believe you could produce a right gruesome crime and/or horror novel : D

    • Annika Howells

      Thank you! There is a bit of horror in my novel.

      • missalister

        Made me smile, this. Thought of an author I know, whatever people say, he says something to that effect when he really wants to holler, Just buy my book! It’s hard to sell a book, it’s such a personal thing, tastes, people are fussy, already got long reading lists… Take me: I see the multi-genre HTDC, see the YA which I steer clear of. BUT I see you on Guido Henkel’s site, I check you out, I see you write very well, you interact with people… Although I have a feeling your second novel will be better, I will buy HTDC, even though my reading list is verrrrrrry long! And this is how it’s won, itty bitty battle by itty bitty battle!
        All the very best!
        Miss A

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