A Review

Author Jeff Clough has written a great review of HTDC over on his blog.

“Howells dives into Greenwood on page one and leaves the reader feeling as off-balance as the main character, a delicious device if the author can pull it off and Howells uses it well. It’s a novel that’s equal parts action and mystery, which keeps the story moving even as it explores human nature and the nature of reality itself. And as the violence escalates to horrific levels, we’re made to experience all the dread and terror that birthed the town of Greenwood in the first place.”

Go read the rest of it!



2 responses to “A Review

  • missalister

    That is one hell of a review, Miss Annika! Mr. Clough seems a righteous dude, and not only because he’s angling for the ZZ Top look, but because he can write, and write a properly formatted review. Betcha he’d put that review on Amazon.com for ya, he’s so cool. [That there from the “Tips From The Boss” list I’m keeping in the event of my own fame and/or fortune ; ) ] The more good-to-super-good, 4-to-5-star reviews you can get on Amazon, will do wonders for your ratings. (I may just have to move HTDC higher up on my “To Read” list!)

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