Self-Publishing Is Like Crack

I told myself that I would take a break from writing once How To Disappear Completely was out. I have studies I need to finish, wardrobes full of crap in need of cleaning, video games in need of playing, birds in need of cuddling.

But the thing about self publishing is that it’s dangerously easy. If I wanted to, I could save this blog post as a mobi file, upload it to Amazon, set the price at $9.99 and you could download it to your kindle in 24 hours. I wouldn’t do that, of course, because that would be stupid, but the fact remains that I could.

So I’m thinking of doing a short story collection. I have a few lying around. They only need a bit of polish. And the collection would either be very very cheap, or entirely free!

The stories I’m thinking of including so far are as follows:

  • A pair of strangers arrange to meet to commit suicide together, so that they won’t be alone at the very end.
  • A champion swimmer is drafted to the Vietnam War, where his swimming skills are used to retrieve scattered body parts from the sea.
  • A young man rejects society and confines himself permanently to his bedroom. His parents hire a mysterious girl to try and coax him out.
  • And some sort of short story connected to HTDC, perhaps a little Dottie adventure.

What do you think?


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