Harper Voyager and the Popped Publishing Cherry

Harper Voyager, the sci fi/fantasy imprint of Harper Collins, is opening it’s doors to unsolicited submissions for a limited time during October. It seems to be a growing trend for major publishers to do this sort of thing, usually for digital only releases (as is the case here).

I’ve noticed that these cheeky little submission windows all tend to give similar guidelines, and one thing that they all seem to specify is that they don’t care if you’ve previously self-published the book.

This flies in the face of a lot of stuff you read on the Internet about the preciousness of preserving your novel’s first rights.  People think that the moment you publish something in any form, no one else will ever want to touch it. I’ve even seen someone admonish people for posting their writing on blogs, telling them that doing so will render the work worthless to potential publishers.

Maybe things used to be stricter, but times are changing. There are so many avenues now for writers to share their work that it would be unrealistic to expect everyone to just keep their written princess  locked in a tower until Major Publisher Prince comes riding in to take them away. At the end of the day, all they  really care about is not having to buy the rights off a third party. If a self-published author still holds all the rights, it shouldn’t really matter what they have done with the work in the past.

Slut shaming is wrong, even for books.

if you would like to submit to Harper Voyager, go here. You have until 14 October 2012. Good Luck!


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