My kind of clubbing

Today I was invited to attend a book club to talk about HTDC. It was quite strange to sit down with a group of people who had read my book and had their own thoughts about it. I’m still not used to the idea that other people know about Lycia and co, but it was also quite exciting and rather insightful. It’s funny though, everyone wanted to talk about the meaning of it all when really I just want to know silly things like whether or not people hoped Aster and Lycia would hook up.

And now I’m going to look into entering HTDC into the Aurealis Awards while continuing to wait with baited breath for an email that I’m hoping to get which I won’t tell you about yet in case nothing comes from it but trust me when I say it could be quite a big deal if something DOES come of it.

(ooooooh mysterious)



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