I am rather fond of saying no. I enjoy the sense of control that it brings me. Sometimes it feels like there is so little choice in how we live, and being able to say no when I want to is like a chance to catch my breath. In that fleeting moment of rebellion, I am in charge of my whole world.

Other people do not share my fondness for saying no. They see it as an insult. A failing. It becomes an invitation to convince you to change your mind, like a challenge or a game. People taunt you, look down on you, threaten you with guilt and regret.

We live in a society where “because I do not want to” is not considered a valid reason for making a choice. It’s no wonder that so many people fail to understand the issue of sexual consent when they don’t even know how to cope when you turn down a slice of cake.

You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone. For any reason. 


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