Hi there. You might have noticed that my blog looks different. Or you might not, seeing as no one really comes around here much anyway. But… it is different. Now that I’m moving on to new writing projects this blog won’t just be for HTDC anymore. It’s for all of me.

I had a really bad year last year. I was in constant pain and discomfort and it took multiple doctors, multiple misdiagnoses, multiple invasive investigations and one surgery to figure out what was going on. I’m still in constant pain and discomfort and I don’t know if it will ever go away. And if I get upset and stressed about it, I’ll just cause more pain. So I can’t afford to fall apart as much as I have desperately wanted to at times. I’m doing all I can to get better now. I hope it will be enough.

Despite all the suffering though, I did manage to finish the first draft of my new novel. It’s rough and it’s shitty but at least it exists. I’ll say more about it soon, when I figure out a way to explain it without it sounding too ridiculous (it is a little bit ridiculous).

I think this year will be better. I need it to be.



One response to “Anew

  • Victoria

    Sorry to hear of your pain. I hope you get a diagnosis and the appropriate treatment soon. Good to hear you have a first draft down! Well done you! I’m such a procrastinator I rarely even get started on things these days…
    Hoping this year brings you all you wish for 🙂 x

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