Spirits of the Air

I think it’s time I tell you about what I’m working on.

It’s called Spirits of the Air, and it’s about magical bird girls.


Wait! where are you going! don’t walk away from me! I swear, it’s not as stupid as it sounds! Come back!


Okay, you’re back. Stop laughing, hear me out.

To be honest, the idea started as something I joked about on Twitter. But the more I thought about it, the more fun the idea became. I could take all my favourite things – birds, anime, epic video game boss battles – and roll them all into one rollicking adventure.

Spirits of the Air follows Evie Carter, a 15 year old girl who discovers a mysterious talking bird. The bird warns her that monsters from another world are coming to destroy Earth. Evie and her friends  are granted the power to sprout wings and summon weapons to defend their world from invasion.

So basically it’s Sailor Moon meets Shadow of the Colossus… with wings.

I know it sounds silly. It kinda is. But there is some serious stuff I want to explore in this story too. I want to write a YA novel that isn’t about girls and their relationships with boys. I want it to be about girls and the relationships they have with each other – relationships that are far deeper and enduring than any teen romance. There will be no knights in shining armour coming in to save the day.  These girls will save themselves and they will save each other, and they will do it all while looking fabulous in feathers and rocking out to a Marnie Stern soundtrack.


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