A New Home

It’s been a few very strange and stressful weeks, but I am now living in my new apartment! I’ve never lived in an apartment before so I’m still getting used to living in such close proximity to other people. It’s a very well designed building so sound doesn’t travel too far, which is good seeing as I have a butt-load of birds living on the balcony.

I’ve been stressed out of my mind worrying that the birds would make too much noise and get me in trouble. I’m so stressed, in fact, that my hair is falling out at an alarming rate, which is really quite inconvenient when your new apartment has white tiles and you have black hair. Technically I’m only allowed one pet, but I figure that relates more to dogs and cats, and if you sticky tape my birds together to make one animal it would still be smaller than the dog living downstairs (who is ADORABLE by the way!)

In less stressful news, I bought myself a brand new desk. I haven’t really had my own proper desk for a long time and it’s wonderful having my own little space for writing. I’ve piled my collection of Mervyn Peake books onto the shelf above the desk, in the hope that some of his literary majesty will trickle down into my keyboard. American McGee’s Alice is also there, mostly because she’s just cool.





The desk even comes with a bird compartment!



So now that the move is over I should have nothing to distract me from finishing my new novel this year!

I’m sure I’ll still find plenty of distractions though…


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