Leave George Alone

The world’s impatience with George R. R. Martin is beginning to take a weird turn. First, people wanted him to write faster because they were so eager to read the next Song of Ice and Fire book. Now, people want him to write faster because they think he’s going to drop dead at any moment.

Mr Martin has made no announcement about his health to suggest that there is anything wrong with him. He seems pretty lucid and sprightly in all interviews I’ve seen lately. He’s getting on a little bit, but come on, 65 isn’t exactly ancient.

The problem with Mr Martin is that he happens to be fat, and when a fat person is in a public space it means every man and his dog now believes they have a right – nay, a duty – to speculate about that person’s health.

Neil Gaiman hit the nail on the head when he said, “George R. R. Martin is not your bitch.” I’d like to add that George R. R. Martin is also not your medical patient. You’re probably not even a doctor (and even if you are, you’re probably not HIS doctor).

Obesity may play a role in many illnesses, but that does not mean that every fat person in the world is riddled with every single illness ever linked to obesity. It does not mean that every fat person is a ticking time-bomb of doom who is just going to explode all over the place at a really inconvenient time for you.

Oh! But it’s just that everyone is concerned for his health! Bullshit. There must be countless drug addicted, chain smoking, alcoholic, disordered eating celebrities out there, and they aren’t being quizzed about their imminent death in TV interviews. As long as they look pretty no one cares how pickled and charred their insides are. People only care about your health when your appearance ceases to be pleasing to them.

And bullshit health concerns aside, do you have any idea how hard it is to write a book? Do you have any idea how hard it is to write seven books with a butt-tonne of characters and thousands of years of history? Do you know how hard it is to write  those books while also being involved in creating a television phenomenon and going on publicity tours all over the world to promote the whole gargantuan thing? I’m gonna guess it’s all REALLY FUCKING HARD.

So quite your whining and your fat shaming and find a better way to pass the time while you wait for The Winds of Winter.



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