It was the dawn of the download era, where the idea of an album “leaking” online was still shocking to me. Where stealing a single song could take hours, and a whole album could take the weekend. Release dates were sacred days that you marked in your diary. You counted down like a kid waiting for Christmas.

September 27 2004. I still remember the date. I had never been so excited about an album release before. I don’t think I’ll ever get to be excited like that again.

From my school diary ten years ago, complete with Paul Banks illustration

From my school diary ten years ago, complete with Paul Banks illustration


I fell in love with Interpol when I heard Obstacle 1 on a morning music video show. It slogged me in the chest and dragged me down with it. I still get a beautiful sinking feeling inside whenever I hear it. But it actually took me a while to embrace the whole of Turn on the Bright Lights. It was too different to my naive ears, too stark and distant. I remember the moment when everything clicked though. I was listening to it on a discman in the back seat of the car, going to visit my grandmother. It was a revelation.


A few years later I was driving home from school with my sister in her little Suzuki, struggling to make it up the hill with a full load of kids and a mountain of schoolbags. A song came on the radio, a song I’d never heard before. I knew that voice, I knew that bass. It was Interpol. They were coming back.


They released snippets of each song every day on their website. I listened to each tantalizing taste over and over, trying to imagine what the whole songs would sound like. I could have downloaded the leak but it would have felt like a betrayal. I needed to hold that CD in my hands,  flip through the booklet, memorize the lyrics.

The wait was worth it. Antics was perfect.

Now, my CDs are in a box in the garage and I haven’t bough a new one in years. Sometimes, if an album is really special, I’ll buy it on vinyl. Otherwise I download them in one way or another. I don’t have to count down to release dates any more or save my pocket money. So much has changed.

Interpol  have never been able to surpass those first two albums. I know they will never  blow me away again like they did back then, but they will always hold a special place in my heart.

You see, it was because of Interpol that I found the love of my life. It was all because of them. I owe them everything.

So thank you, Interpol, for all the love.

oh so swoon baby starry nights



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