So I’m really pissed off about two things right now: Silent Hills and Twin Peaks.


After years of disappointing sequels, Silent Hills promised a return to form for the Silent Hill franchise, thanks to the involvement of Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, who created a playable teaser for Silent Hills that was so innovative and brilliant that it blew everyone’s mind with only 20 minutes of very simple gameplay.

The Twin Peaks revival was supposed to give the series a chance to find closure after studio meddling left the second season in tatters. It was subsequently cancelled thanks to the sheer drop-off in quality.

But now the powers that be behind these two projects, Konami and Showtime, have decided that they don’t actually need the creators of these projects to bring these projects to fruition. Konami doesn’t need Kojima’s genius to make a game so scary that players will “shit their pants.” It’s not like the Silent Hill franchise was suffering from derivative gameplay and poor sales and slowly sliding into irrelevance, right?

And it’s not like Showtime actually needs the creator of Twin Peaks to create more Twin Peaks, right? They did fine without him last time didn’t they? You know, when the show got cancelled because it was so fucking terrible?

I hate this attitude. I hate this belief that that the actual creative talent behind a project is completely disposable. What could Lynch have possibly wanted that Showtime wouldn’t give him? Did he want to be paid in golden unicorns? Did they think he would do it for free in exchange for the exposure? And after the resounding success of PT, why the hell did Konami think they could recapture that brilliance without the person responsible for creating that brilliance?

People want people to make art, but they don’t want to actually value the artists. And so they toss the artists aside and then sit back and scratch their heads in dumb befuddlement as they wonder why all of a sudden the art fails.

So screw you, Showtime and Konami. If I wanted to play a half-assed Silent Hill game, I’d play one of the half-assed ones that already exists. And if I wanted to watch a Twin Peaks show without David Lynch, I’d just watch that Wayward Pines show that literally no one cares about.



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